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Promoting the ministry of Mr. James Wells (1803 -1872)

Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Psalm 60:4  

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth. Rom. 10.4

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James Wells (1803 - 1872) was one of the most prominent and successful Baptist preachers of the 19th century.  Unashamedly a High Calvinist, he regularly preached to congregations of up to and over 2,000 before his illness and death.  His people loved him and were very faithful to him.  According to Ian J. Shaw (High Calvinists in Action, page 254) most of church growth came from conversions as a result of his ministry.  Few Baptists have been so blessed of the Lord to reach such heights in their ministry.  It is a sad fact that the Christian community and history in general have passed him by.  Three of the obvious reasons for this are: As 2 Timothy 4:3 warns: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;” the naked truth is not popular with fallen mankind.   That is not, of course to say that 100% of what Wells taught was true.  As with any human there is much dross in his ministry. Yet Wells stood as one of a very few men who held to the truth without compromise in the 19th century. This cost him dearly in the realm of human esteem.   Secondly Wells openly opposed Charles H. Spurgeon’s preaching duty-faith and pointed out the obvious contradictions in many of his sermons.  Even to this very day Spurgeon is held up as the apex of truth and one might almost say perfection in doctrine and preaching.  This in affect sealed Wells fate and most references to him today relate to his opposition to that famous preacher. The third reason is the sermon he preached on “The Faith of Rahab”.  My purpose here is to allow Mr. James Wells to be heard and examined by a new generation of Christians.  Virtually everything Spurgeon wrote or preached is readily available today, much of it for free.  The opposite has been true for James Wells.  Fortunately there is a large and growing body of witness who disagree with the “Hypo-Calvinistic” majority.  The information presented here will allow James Wells to find a more permanent place in the growing chorus of voices expressing a more biblical approach to the truth as it is in Jesus.  

While preaching to his congregation  on  Sunday  April  21, 1867  he  said:  "I do not believe that the memory of James Wells will die the day that he dies.  Hated as he may be by those outside, and by some who know him only by wicked misrepresentations, yet, bless the Lord!  we have gone on together simply by the force of God's truth, the vitality of godliness, and I have more confidence in that than I have in anything else."


The Faith of Gods Elect; And A Word Upon Duty-Faith  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Sovereignty of God  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Unchangeable Times  PDF  HTML WORD  
The Faith of Abraham   PDF  HTML WORD
The Atonement PDF  HTML  WORD  
Elijah's Sacrifice   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Geatest Glory  PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Faith of Rahab the Harlot  PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Faith of Rahab the Harlot Defended  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Out of Egypt  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Charity (Love)   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Trumpt And The Whirlwinds   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Kingdom That Is and Is To Come  PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Right Gospel 1858   PDF  PDF SCAN  HTML  WORD  
The Best Establishment  PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Victory of Armageddon   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Things Which Concern Us All   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Four Spirits   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Horses and Chariots of Salvation  PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Pleasant Land   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Mastery Gained   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The North Gate And The South Gate   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Humility Before Honor   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Signs Of The Times   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Alls Well That Ends Well   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Mountain Removed   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Going On Carefully   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Christian Kindness   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Right Decision 1857   PDF  HTML  WORD  
False And True Worship   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Right Door   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Reprobation and Eelection - No. 4 1838   PDF  HTML  WORD  PDF SCAN  AUDIO MP3
The Enemy Gone   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Freeness And Plenty   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Right Doing   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Sure Word   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Wise Counsel   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Timely Warning   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Two Manners of Nations  PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Magnifical Temple  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Predestination - 1839  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Everlasting Kindness Upon the Elect 1861  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Satan Bound  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Blameless Service  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Safty in Death  PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Discerning People  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Prosperity and Adversity   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Good Contrast   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Jewish Nationality Dissolved Forever  PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Lasting Covenant  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Humiliation and Reconciliation  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Dying Testimonies of the Ancients  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Sovereignty 1859   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Vessels of Mercy 1859 (Highly Recommended)   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Divine Leading  PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Very High Mountain  PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Good Intent   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Heavenly Temple   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Mountain of Judah   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Upon Responsibility Part 1   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Upon Responsibility Part 2   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Upon Responsibility Part 3   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Good Shepherd and the True Sheep 1862  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Fullness of the Gentiles  PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Crown of Life for the Faithful 1859  PDF  HTML  WORD  
True Repentance   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Everlasting Kindness Upon The Elect  PDF  HTML  WORD  
Settled In Hope   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Book Of Life   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Final Judgement   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Good Prince   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Heavenly Vineyard   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Angle Of The Covenant   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Kind Answer   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Good Account  PDF  HTML  WORD  
All Well That Ends Well   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Right Steps   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Kings That Never Die   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Final Victory   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Good Desire   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Safty is of God   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Good and Bad Spirit    PDF  HTML  WORD  
Two Olive Trees   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The True Blessing   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Bright Cloud   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Right Temple   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Outer Court   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Right Hope - 1858   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Never Despair   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Backsliding Healed   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Right Faith - 1858   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Love of God   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Trouble Ended   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Promise and a Threatening    PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Hidden Path   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Pardonable Fault   PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Vision From God    PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Better Covenant   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Law and the Gospel    PDF  HTML  WORD  
Well Founded   PDF  HTML  WORD  
Kind Commands   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Name of the Lord    PDF  HTML  WORD  
A Solemn Question   PDF  HTML  WORD  
True Patience   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Right Perfection   PDF  HTML  WORD  
The Right Conversion   PDF  HTML  WORD  

Tophet (hell)  PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The Work of Faith   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The Infirmity and Remedy   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The Heavenly Bread   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
A Good Prospect   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The God of Zion   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The Rich Man And Lazerus No. 1   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
Gospel Liberty   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
Works of Faith  (more about Rahab)   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
A Few Days At Sinai   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
False and True Seekers   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The Good Shepherds Voice   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
Order Of Eternal Adoption   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
A Just Challenge   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
Death of the Righteous    PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
Poor Prisoners   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The Kindness Of Eternal Election   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
Well Worth Remembering   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
Right Service   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN
The Firstborn   PDF  HTML WORD  
Assurance Of Faith   PDF  HTML WORD  PDF SCAN

OTHER WRITINGS OF INTEREST - Taken from the Earthen Vessel & Other Sources 

Note: Many of the Epistles (letters) of Theopilus deal with Duty-Faith
Wells and Spurgeon   PDF  HTML WORD  
Appeals to the Unconverted - Part One   PDF  HTML WORD  
Epistles to Theophilus (1 - 10) Wells Theology   PDF  HTML WORD  
Epistles to Theophilus (11 - 20) Wells Theology   PDF  HTML WORD  
Epistles to Theophilus (21 - 30) Wells Theology   PDF  HTML WORD  
Epistles to Theophilus (31 - 40) Wells Theology   PDF  HTML WORD  
Epistles to Theophilus (41 - 50) Wells Theology   PDF  HTML WORD  
Objection to the Epistles and the reply to the same   PDF  HTML WORD  
Exposition of 1 John 2: 1,2   PDF  HTML WORD  
Exposition of Psalm 2   PDF  HTML WORD  
Exposition of Isaiah 52: 1-8   PDF  HTML WORD  
Seventh Anniversary Surrey Tabernacle & Sermon   PDF  HTML WORD  
The Rock On Which The Church Is Built   PDF  HTML WORD  
The Origin of the Surrey Tabernacle Ministry & up to 1850   PDF  HTML WORD  
An Example of Conversion and Growth Under Wells's Ministry   PDF  HTML WORD  
Praise from an Adversary (contains a discription of his funeral)   PDF  HTML WORD  
Report of the Public meeting to raise funds for the new Chapel 1863   PDF  HTML WORD  
Believers Baptism and Communion By John Foreman   PDF  HTML WORD  
The Moral Government of God by James Wells   PDF  HTML WORD  
Appeals to the Unconverted  - Part Two   PDF  HTML WORD  
Twenty-Four Lectures on the Book of Revlation by James Wells   PDF  HTML WORD  
Duty Faith by John Foreman Preface by James Wells 1860 Edition   PDF  HTML WORD  
The First Anniversary of the NEW Surrey Tabernacle   PDF  HTML WORD  
A Letter from Mr. James Wells containing Praise for Mr. Spurgeon as a Person   PDF  HTML WORD  
A Man Amoung Thieves - a letter by James Wells   PDF  HTML WORD  
Deacons and Deaconesses by James Wells   PDF  HTML WORD  
Achors Gloomy Vale by James Wells - Letters, Conversion, Death and Hymns   PDF  HTML WORD  
The Bringing In and Blessedness of the Lords People   PDF  HTML WORD  

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